Over the years, we have developed a range of services. These services are provided by the best specialists in the field with many years of experience.


We offer training for employees in the field of culture and other fields, in which we provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to acquire communication skills with people with various disabilities - visual, hearing, movement and mental impairment. This training is relevant to anyone who comes into contact with people in their daily work. Learning broadens your horizons, promotes understanding, empathy, and relieves sometimes confusing situations. They improve the qualifications of employees and help to improve the quality of services for both employees and people with disabilities. If you would like to receive an offer specially designed for you with a program tailored to the needs of your institution, please write to or contact us in the ways indicated in the section Contacts.

Consultations about environmental accessibility

We specialise in the accessibility of the environment at cultural and artistic events. We can help from the very beginning of the idea and advise on the accessibility needs of the environment for different target groups, using the basic principles of universal design. We advise on the availability of events, exhibitions, logistics for people with various disabilities. It is best if the cooperation takes place at all stages and is regular, because the accessibility of the environment lies in the nuances that are best understood by the experts who have their own disabilities. And that's exactly what's on our team. Contact us to request your consultation!

Art therapy

COLORIZE can provide art therapy classes for different purposes and in different environments - in children's camps, museums, art exhibitions, nursing homes, etc. There really are no limits to art. We offer an in-depth look at art, through which you can learn various topics using art therapy methods. Feel free to contact us and we will agree on everything!

Education programs

We have many years of experience in non-formal education and in education program design. We can help create educational content and programs for art exhibitions or non-formal education projects. Our superpower is to make these programs inclusive for people with different abilities and perceptions. We can also provide educators from different fields.